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About the Adult Carrier:

The "adult" trailer is a bicycle trailer for special use needs often for mobility impaired individuals. The frame is 8" longer than our standard frame. The superstructure is 32" high so that a 6 ft tall individual may sit with his or her legs contained within the frame or extended over the frame. The seat is similar to beach chair, hung like a hammock on an elevated frame and overhead "roll bar"

Technical Specifications:

The extending tongue uses the PT26 tongue mount with a 1" x .060 wall thickness 6061 aluminum tube coupled with 1" x .058, 7/8" x .058 and 3/4" x .058 6063 aluminum tube. The fabric is 1000 denier urethane coated nylon cordura. It is fastened to the frame with nickel plated brass twist lock fasteners and nickel plated brass button snaps.

Adult Carrier - Bicycle

  • 32" Sloped Sides with Yellow Fabrics
  • Blue Floorbag
  • Large Frame
  • Bicycle Hitch
  • Standard Tongue Length
  • Quick Release Alloy Wheels

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