Our mission, as an established innovator of low impact transportation technologies, is to manufacture a versatile and robust life powered trailer that reaps the benefits of simplicity while utilizing high performance materials and advanced technologies.

The world can be a tough place, wearing us down from time to time.  Equinox Trailers prides itself on lightening your load.  Our online shop has a trailer to meet all of your needs, whether you want to carry cargo, children, garden supplies, pets, or watercraft. 

Based in Cottage Grove, Oregon, Equinox Trailers proudly makes all of our trailers in the United States.  Since 1981, Equinox Trailer has carried America through good and bad times, utilizing our role as an established innovator of low impact transportation technologies.

Don’t get worn down by the grind.  Allow our trailers to help carry your load.  You can reach us at 541-942-7895.


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Equinox Trailers offer a wide variety of trailers to suite your needs. And, we have been building, designing, and selling trailers since 1981.



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Trick out your new trailer, or upgrade your trusty steed. We've got the parts that you need.