General Weights of our products:

Frameset:  5lbs

Transportation Kit:  6lbs

Wheel Sets: 5lbs

Fabric Enclosures: 2lbs


I am looking for a lightweight cart to carry photography equipment (a couple small cases and a tripod). I need something for foot trails and around town with tall easy rolling wheels, at least three wheels for push-pull operation. It should be able to carry in minivan. Your desert cart looked similar to what I have in mind.

     Do you only want to walk with the cart, or does it need to connect to a bicycle as well? The point is, we can make this trailer do what you want it to do.  For light duty such as camera gear, it doesn't need to be as robust as an expedition cart for extended heavy use in remote regions.  The width can be adjusted to your capacity needs.  It can be used as a walking cart, bicycle trailer, or ski sled, or all of the above.  It can be less than two feet wide or more than four feet wide.  The sides can be 3 feet tall or 1 foot tall or no sides at all.  It can be covered or not.  


In the middle of this year my son and I plan a fairly long tour in very isolated country here in Australia.
Your trailer appears to be pretty well what I need to tow. Joe (my son) is towing a German one wheel trailer (Monoporter) but road trials have already shown me that the load limit off road (and on) is serious and restrictive.  Much of our ride is on unsealed, very rough roads.
We may need to carry up to 25 litres of water weighing about 55 pounds.

My questions: Is your trailer up to the task?
Can your hitch be used with dual suspension bikes?

The equinox trailer system can accommodate your task.  The Equinox frame has completed many cross country and around the world tours.  We have been building this trailer for over 30 years and I am confident that it will carry whatever load you are willing to pull.  The Hitch has four adjusting positions to allow you to fit it onto your frame where it works best.  It can fit onto the chain stay or the seat stay.  The tongue adjusts to level the trailer.

     We can provide a false floor feature which will allow you to carry your water separate from your other gear.  We will be offering a new floor attachment system which will make it easier to utilize the expanding frame feature.  I've attached some links to images on our web site and added a few that are not yet featured.



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