Our design is what has made us stand the test of time. Our design is based on quality and durability of materials as well as a nearly limitless ways to configure your trailer to meet your specific needs. There are three general categories that are chosen from to make up the configuration of a trailer system: Frameset, Superstructure, Hitching System.

Framesets - The frame is what sits at the very core of our technology. We use aircraft grade 6063-T6 anodized aluminum. which has proven to be very light, strong, and long-lasting. We have two framesets that we sell. The Standard frame, which comes in at 32" long, and the Long frame which comes in at 36" long. The Long frame is used for the Special Needs trailer, while the standard frame is generally the basis for all of the other designs. Both frames leverage the Equinox Trailers EasyStow design which utilizes a quickly adjustable width and a quick, tool-free setup.

Superstructures - This is what the trailer is configured to do. Our customers have carried their special pets and people, hauled firewood across the yard, or a self-supported running/hiking around the world.

Hitching System - This is how you connect your trailer, cart, or carrier. For example: If you have bicycle you would use a Bicycle Hitch. If you had a garden cart you would use a Garden Cart Handle. These systems can be interchanged to allow you to use your trailer for a wide variety of multi-use applications.