Tongue Conversion Instructions for Pre 1990 Trailers


You will need a corner posts that is drilled and tapped to accommodate the bolts required for the conversion. You my use the post(s) that are already in your trailer frame. Instructions for reusing your existing post(s) are found at the bottom of this page.

Remove the front corner post and replace it with the one provided. Remove the left side rail and panel. Then remove the 5/16'' x 2'' bolt from the left front of the bicycle trailer frame and tap the post out with a hammer. Press the new post in making sure that the 5/16'' threaded hole is on the bottom. Align the bolt hole with a probe (perhaps a screw driver) and replace the 5/16'' x 2'' bolt.

Now fit the tongue mount over the corner post by the 5/8'' hole in the mount over the corner post. The quick release mechanism should be on the bottom. Fit the 5/16'' split washer and the 3/8'' flat washer over the 5/16'' x 1/2'' bolt and thread it into the hole in the bottom of the corner post. Use a straight edge to make sure the mount is aligned straight with the inner frame member of the trailer frame. This is especially important if the stroller option is to be employed. Now place a ¼'' drill bit (attached to a drill motor) through the ¼'' hole in the mount and drill through the trailer frame. Place the ¼'' x 2 ¼'' bolt through the resulting hole and tighten down with the lock nut provided. Finish by tightening down the 5/16'' x ½'' bolt.