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side panel 19

Side Panel Set: 19" Sloped; Yellow


The 19" sloped side panel is the default for a child carrier.  It is yellow nylon fabric fitted to an aluminum frame with an "opera" window sewn in.

The set consists of a left and right side and a roll bar that connects them at the top.

Techinical Specifications:

The frame is made of 3/4" 6063 aluminum tube with a .058" wall thickness. It is formed to be 32" long and 19" high.  The fabric is 430 denier nylon packcloth with a 20 mil vinyl window sewn in reenforced with 5/8" poloypropylene webbing.  A 1 1/2" x 24" strip of polypropylene webbing is sewn horizontally to house a 1/4" x 22" fiberglass stiffener,  Another piece of 1 1/2" x 7 " webbing is sewn vertically to house the vertical stiffener, which attaches to the safety flag with a steel ferrule.  A 15" x 8" pocket is sewn onto the inside of the panel.  A male half of a #8 x 24" marine zipper is sewn along the bottem edge to mate with the bottom bag or zipper sleeve. The roll bar is 3/4" aluminum tube with an interior nut that connects two threaded pins. 


The Side panel is designed to fit onto the 5/8" corner posts of the Equinox trailer frame, and to join with the zipper on the

Equinox bottom fabric or zipper sleeve.