Tongue - Long Length (75") - Blue


The long tongue is an accessory that allows the Equinox trailer to carry long loads, such as kayaks, surfboards, wind boards, up to about 13 feet long.  An extension is available to accommodate longer loads such as canoes and ocean kayaks.  It consists of a 1" aluminum tube that is triangulated on the trailer end and connects to the trailer frame in two places.  One connection is the with the quick release tongue mount.  The other is in the center of the trailer frame by means of an aluminum casting and a 3/8" pin.  The tongue is also joined in the middle to allow it to be disassembled for transport and stowage.  One may quickly assemble or disassemble the long tongue without the need of tools.

Technical specifications:

The long tongue is constructed of 1" diameter aluminum tube fitted on one end with a tongue clevis with safety strap and hitch pin with lanyard.  It is joined in the middle with 7/8" interior sleeves, two 1/4" x 2 1/2" grade 5 zinc plated steel bolts and locknuts, and two 5/16" x 2 1/2" cotterless clevis pins attached to webbing lanyards.  The trailer end has a 7/8" aluminum rod bolted to one branch and a machined aluminum rod bolted to the other branch.  The center mount is cast aluminum machined to accept the the machined branch of the long tongue.  The long tongue is 75" long from trailer pin to hitch pin.


The long tongue is designed to work with the Equinox PH 23 hitch and to fit to the Equinox trailer frame.  A center mount is supplied.