Side Rail: 13"; Rectangular


PF 36 rectangular side rail, 13" high.  This is the default side rail for the cargo carrier and is the side rail module when combined with side rail extensions produces the 19" and 32" side rails, or any custom height over 13".  Normally this is combined with another side rail and a roll bar ( see side rail set ).   It may be used as a replacment part or as a component for an end to end space seperator.

Technical Specifications:

The side rail is made of 3/4" 6063 aluminum tube with a .058" wall thickness.  It is 53.25 inches long and formed to yield a rail that is 32" long and 13" high.  It is drilled with a 5/16" hole to accommodate the roll bar and 1/8" holes to fit with snap studs for fabric attachment.


Fits on the Equinox frame with corner posts set at 32".  This is a single element.