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Tongue mount - PT23-full tongue PT19, full PH23 Hitch

Hitching System - Bicycling Standard Tongue



The PT 25 is the complete system to connect a frame to a bicycle.  It consists of the PT19 tongue, connected to the PT 23 tongue mount and the PH22 bolt on hitch.  The tongue mount is machined to affix to the trailer frame with hex bolts.  The tongue attaches to the mount with a quick release clamp.  The hitch clevis is bolted to the end of the tongue  and  fits to the hitch, which is bolted to the bicycle stay, with a 3/8" x 1 1/2" cotterless hitch pin.

Technical Specifications:

The tongue is 1 inch in diameter and 19 inches long.  It is made of aluminum and is reenforced with aDescription: resin core.
The hitch is made of cast and machined aluminum parts which are bolted together.
The tongue mount is made of machined aluminum parts.


The system is designed to fit onto the Equinox frame set which is constructed with 5/8" diameter corner posts that are machined to accept the mounting bolts.