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PH23 mounted-full Hitch-PH23 PH23 Hitch PH23 Exploded View

Hitch - PH23


     The PH 23 is the part that attaches to the bicycle frame of the PH 22 "Bolt on Hitch" system.  It consists of a cast aluminum body that has four 1/4" x 20 holes for attaching the adjustable block that provides the base for a 3/8" "rod end joint"  that accepts the hitch pin which connects the trailer tongue to the mount.  The assembly is affixed to the towing bicycle with two U bolts.  A rubber frame protector and an aluminum splint spread the force of the clamping pressure to protect the bicycle frame.

Technical Specifications:

The Aluminum casting is 586 Tensalloy .  The machined mounting block is 6061 aluminum. The U bolts are 1/4" x 1" x 1 3/4" zinc plated steel.  The rod end joint is bronzed hardened steel with a 3/8" x24 thread.



Requires the cast clevis tongue end and a 3/8" hitch pin to connect to the trailer.