~DELETED Frame Parts - Inner Frame - Blue Anodized - Left


Inner Frame Tubing Only with Pre Drilled Left Side of Frame Blade Assembly.  For repair or replacement of damaged Equinox frame.  It happens sometimes.  More than once someone has left their trailer behind a parked car and had the driver not notice.  There is no reason to trash a whole trailer if only one part is damaged.

Technical Specifications:

  • 1"d x 0.58 wall x 34.25" long blue anodized 6063 aluminum tube
  • holes drilled for left side of Equinox frame
  • Right and left are determined as if one were in the trailer facing forward.


  • Requires an Equinox frame
  • If the frame is older than 1990 this part requires twist lock fasteners to be attached or requires an updated bottom fabric