Floor Bag - Blue - Integrated




   The floor of the Equinox trailer system is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon.  This material has proven it's durability for almost 30 years.

If the trailer is left consistently in the elements.  The material will begin to show signs of photo degradation after about 15 years.  If it is kept under a protective cover it may show mildew invasion depending upon the moisture in the air.  This may still be cleaned and remain serviceable.

    The nylon fabric is supported by polypropylene webbing and stitched together with a polyester thread.  These materials have also proven to have a long service life.  1/4" fiberglass rods are used to stiffen the product.  

This provides a bottom structure that supports as much weight as anyone would want to carry.  That weight is suspended below the axle to increase the stability of the trailer.  It also is a bottom structure that may be collapsed into the frame for ease of storage and transport

Prior to 1990 the bottom was secured to the frame with twist lock fasteners and eyelets.  In  1990 the system was redesigned to use a #8 marine Zipper to attache to the sides and the webbing loops were sewn into a sleeve.  In 2008 another redesign was accomplished.  This time a pair of zippered sleeves were attached to the trailer frame and the trailer bottom secured to the frame by means of closing the two side zippers.

  If one is ordering a bottom as a replacement,  the twist lock version will be replaced with a zippered version.  Instructions are provided to adjust the old frame to accept the newer bottom designs.


Technical Specifications: 

  • The fabric is 1000 denier nylon and, unless otherwise specified, it is royal blue

  • The fabric is supported by 1 1/2" black polypropylene heavy weight webbing

  • The thread is DB 92 bonded polyester

  • The front and back flaps are secured to the side rail metal with 1/2" zinc plated brass button snaps


  • Equinox trailers built before 1990 will require the removal of the twist lock fasteners to accept replacement bottoms

  • This bottom will not expand more than 5 inches in width.  If one is using an expanding frame that expands 16 inches or wider, an expanding bottom will be required.