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Solid box - Aluminum Honeycomb matrix-full GardenCartWoodSideView-Full GardenCartMovingWoodBeams-Full GardenCartMovingFirewood-Full GardenCartMovingCompost-Full GardenCartMovingBranches-Full GardenCartLiftDumpCompost-Full GardenCartFishingAccessories-Full GardenCartEmptyDirt-Full GardenCartDumpingCompost-Full GardenCartDumpingBranches-Full GardenCartDissassembledNoBox-Full GardenCartAssembledNoBox-Full

Garden Carts

The Garden Cart is perfect for the heavy duty work that your garden or homestead needs, while still being lightweight, simple, and modular. The wood constructed hard shell is quickly and easily installed with four bolts once the initial box has been assembled or constructed. The metal components, including the frameset, siderails, and hitching systems, are made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. The Garden Cart utilizes the Equinox Trailers EasyStow technology that makes for quick and easy assembly and dissasembly.  Two  wheeled options are available for bicycling and walking, as well as, three and four sided box configurations. Plans are aslo available for constructing your very own.