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Cargo Bay Space Divider End-to-End-full

side panel set: 19" rectangular; long; yellow


SKSRDFPL  Side panel set for long frame 19" tall.  Two roll bars.  The side rails are the same as for the 13" long frame with four 6" extenders to raise the frame to 19".  The fabric, as default, is yellow 430 denier packcloth. The zippers are the male side of a 40"  #10 delrin zipper.

Technical Specifications:

The side rails are formed from 3/4" x .058 wall 6063 tubular aluminum to be 13" tall and 39.25" long.  Four 6" extenders are provided to lift the rails to 19" tall.  They are 3/4" x 6"  aluminum tube and 7/8" x 2.5" sleeves with a spring button in each.  The fabric is 430 denier nylon packcloth with 40" #10 delrin zippers sewn onto the bottom edge. Twelve snap studs are screwed into the rails to fit a cover and the bottom fabric flaps should they be required.  Two 3/4" roll bares are included.


Fits Equinox long frame.