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PH23 mounted-full Hitch-PH23 PH23 Hitch PH23 Exploded View

Hitch parts - bicycle frame guard


     The bicycle frame guard consists of a 3" section of 1/2" automotive heater hose that is slit lengthwise so it can be fit over the rear seat or chain stay of the towing bicycle.  A  3" x 3/4"  piece of aluminum chip with a 1" radius fits over the hose piece and under the attaching U bolts.  This spreads the force of the clamping U bolts so they do not cut into the rubber.

Technical Specifications:

    The hose is standard heater hose available from most automotive supply stores.  A 3" piece is cut from the hose and slit alongside one side.  The aluminum chip is manufactured from 1" aluminum tube that is machined about 3/4" wide and 3" long.


      The PH13 is a component part of the PH23 bolt on hitch mount.