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side panel 13

Side Panel Set 13 Long


 SKSRSFPL  Side Panel Set for the long frame.  This set consists of two side panels with nylon pack cloth frabic on long frame rails 13" tall and 39.25" long.  Includes two PF 16 roll bar assemblies.  The sides are equipted with eight button snap studs to accept the front and rear flap[s of  a " Zipfast" bottom floor bag and optional rain cover.

Technical Specifications:

The aluminum frames are 3/4" in diameter and formed to fit the Equinox "Easy Stow" Long frame.  The fabric is 420 denier nylon pack cloth with #10 x 40" delrin marine zippers.  The roll bars are 3/4" aluminum tube  x 21 1/2" long with  1/4" pins threaded into the ends.


These sides are designed to fit the Equinox "Easy Stow " long frame.