Floor Bag - ZipFast for Long Frame


The PM142 is the zipfast floor fabric for the Long trailer frame.  It is made of 1000denier Cordura nylon, reenforced with 1 1/2" poloypropylene webbing and stiffened with 1/4" fiberglass rods.  It fits onto an Equinox trailer frame at default of 20.5" wide by 43" long.  The fabric is attached to the Equinox trailer by seperating the frame halves and fitting the frame tubing through the loops of webbing provided the zipped to the zipper panels fitted to the side frame members with ten 2" webbing straps and buckles. The frame may be expanded up to 5" in width. Additional width may be achieves by zipping in an expansion panel sold seperatly.

Technical Specifications:

The floor fabric is made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon and heavy weight  1 1/2" polypropylene webbing.  The zipper connection is YKK #10 x 40" molded delrin marine zipper.  The end flaps are fitted with 1/2" nickle plated brass button snaps.  


Fits onto a long Equinox trailer frame with a divided bay equipted with 40" zipper panels.