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Frame parts- under frame ends-full

Side rail elevators to 19" two pair


  The EQRR1 set of side rail extensions are two pairs of 3/4"aluminum tubing posts with 7/8" sleeves that facilitate raising the sides of a 13" high side rail to 19" .  They consist of 4 pieces of 3/4" x 6" tube sections that are paired with four pieces of 7/8" x 2 1/2" tube sections that are drilled to mate with a spring button in the end of a side rail or with the 3/4" extensions

Technical Specifications:

Four pieces of 3/4" x .058 wall 6063 aluminum tube are cut to 6" long. An 11/32" hole is drilled in one end to accomodate a button spring and a 5/64" hole is drilled in the other end to accommodate a cotter pin.  Four other pieces of 7/8" aluminum tube are cut to 2 1/2" long and drilled with an 11/32" hole to mate with a spring button.


These pieces are designed to connect the 3/4" side rail to the 5/8" aluminum corner posts of an Equinox Trailer frame