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Frame parts- under frame ends-full

Frame Parts - Frame Expander / Connector wide


EQTCK2 is a tubular aluminum section 1 1/8" in diameter and 18 3/4" long.  Six or more 11/32" holes are drilled in a line to accommodate the spring buttons that determine the width of the frame.  One section is required in the front and one in the back of the frame.  Additional frame expanders may be required for divided bay or support for heavy loads.

Technical Specifications:

The 6061 or 6063 aluminum tube section is 1.125" in diameter x 18.75" long with a .058" wall thickness.  11/32" holes are drilled in line. Two are 1.2" from center, two are .5" from end.  Others are placed at the specification of the customer to acquire the desired frame width.


18.5" is the maximum length of the expander to collapse to the default width of the frame.  The expanders fit over a 1" diameter tube or pipe.  More width may be added to the frame, but it will not collapse to the default (32") width