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PH23 mounted-full Hitch-PH23 PH23 Hitch PH23 Exploded View

Hitching System - Back Pack


 The PH30 is a hitch that will connect a back pack frame to a hiking trailer or a garden cart.  It offers fullly articulated connection that transfers whatever load is on the handle to the waist and shoulders of the wearer of a back pack frame. This was made for a survivalist who determined that a back pack frame was the best way to go. This connector was developed to use with the garden cart handle.

Technical Specifications:

The PH 30 is constructed of 1.25 x1.25 x.125 6063 aluminum square tube that is joined to an EQST1 cast aluminum clevis with a 1/4" x 1 1/2" machine bolt.  This, in turn is joined to a PH12 rod end joint assembly with a 3/8" cotterless hitch pin.