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Hitching Systems - Bicycling Standard 26" extending tongue


The standard hitching system for bicycles from the 2011 season is the combination of the PH23 hitch mount, the PT 30 26" tongue and the PT29 tongue clamp system.  This combination of components utilizes the Equinox extending tongue system and can be retro-fit on all previous Equinox frames.  This gives the user the option of increasing or decreasing the length of the trailer tongue.   It offers the same flexibility of adjusting for the wheel size of the trailer and bicycle to achieve a level trailer and using the end of the tongue as a stand to support a level trailer while disconnected from the bicycle.  The other configurations of the trailer may be easily exchanged.  For example, one can convert from a bicycle trailer to a garden cart, or a stroller with a simple quick release clamp.

Technical Specifications: 

See discriptions under the headings of PT 30, PT 29, and PH 23.  The PH 23 is a machined cast aluminum part that is bolted together with a machined aluminum part with two 1/4" x 1 1/2 " stainless steel socket head bolts and is fitted with two 1/4" x 1" x 1 3/4" U-bolts.  A rubber piece is glued to the casting to protect the bicycle frame.  The PT 29 is a machined aluminum part that clamps onto the trailer frame and the tongue with two 1/4" x 1" staniless steel socket head bolts and a 50mm seatpost clamp. A second element of the clamp system is a machined aluminum part that slides over the front part of the trailer frame and receives the tongue through a 1" hole that is equiped with a 50mm seatpost clamp.  The PT 30 is a 1" aluminum tube that is formed to meet the left side of the bicycle frame from the left side of the trailer.  It has a cast aluminum clevis in the end which meets the PH 23 hitch mount.  A 3/8" x 1 1/2" plated steel cotterless hitch pin is attached by a webbing lanyard.  Also a webbing safety strap is affixed to that end.  The tongue is filled with a urethane resin and fitted with a spring button on the trailer end.


These parts are designed to fit Equinox trailer frames.  Equinox frames are constructed of 1" round tubing on a single plane.