Tongue - Standard Length 2011 (26") - Blue


      PT30 is the standard length tongue for the extending tongue system.  It is a formed 1" aluminum tube 26" long.  The tongue is attached to the trailer frame by depressing the spring button in the end of the tongue and inserting it into the two elements of the PT 29 tongue mount system.  The length and level of the tongue may be adjusted by sliding it in or out of the tongue mount system and tightening the quick release clamps.  The EQST1 machined tongue clevis is attached to the bicycle hitch end with a 1/4" x 1 3/4" bolt.  Also attached are the 3/8"  x 1 1/2" cotterless hitchpin and lanyard and a safety strap.  The trailer end of the tongue is renforced with a 7/8" interior aluminum tube and the tongue is filled with a polyurethane resin.  A snap button is affixed to the end .

Technical Specifications:

     The tongue is constructed with 1" x .060 6063 aluminum tube.  The clevis is cast 590 aluminum. 


This tongue is mated with the PT29 extending tongue clamp system which is designed to fit  Equinox frames.