Frameset - classic


The PF 60 Classic Frame Set is the frame that Equinox produced from 1981 to 2006.  There are thousands of them that often come up at garage sales, or are offered on Craigs List.  This frame can be fitted with any of the components that are available now.  The fabric can be replaced to give an almost new appearance.  Missing or broken parts are available to bring the frame back into service, or it can be reconfigured into a whole new use with our upgrade kits.


Technical Specifications: 

     The frame is constructed from 1" x .058" wall 6063 aluminum tube.  The corner posts are machined 5/8" aluminum rod.  The frame halves are connected with a  7/8" x .058" x3 5/8" aluminum tube section and bolted together with 1/4" bolts.  It is 32" wide by 35 1/2" long.  The cargo bay is 20 1/2" wide.



     This is only the frame and requires a transportation system and a hitching system to function.