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Bicycle Dog Leash



The Bicycle dog leash allows one to enjoy bicycling and to exercise one's pet at the same time.  It employs the PH23 hitch mount which is connected to a 26" aluminum tube with a shock cord running through it.  This clips to the animal's harness.  The mount is securly attached to the most stable part of the bicycle frame.  The animal is kept away from all of the bicycle's moving parts.

Technical specifications:

The Ph 23 is a machined cast aluminum assembly.  It is bolted to the bicycle frame with two 1/4" x 1 2/4" x 1" U-bolts.  The boom is made of 3/4" x .058" x 26" 6063 aluminum tube.  A 1/4"  x 32" nylon coated eslastic bungee cord is passed through the tube with a nylon flag snap affixed to the free end.  An adjustable 1" polyproplyne webbing strap is also provided.


fits onto the seat stay or chain stay on the left side of the bicycle frame.