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Frame parts- under frame ends-full

Frame Parts - hinged post individual - left


PF 25 is a left  hinged corner post for an Equinox trailer frame.  It is one of four.  The left side is an inch taller than the right ise to allow the right side to fold under the left side.  The front and back posts have the pin pass through from opposite sides and fold in opposing directions, so please specify in an accompaning e-mail whether it is a front or back post you wish to replace.

Technical Specifications:

The corner post is constructed from 5/8" 2011 aluminum round stock cut to 4" and 1.75".  machined flat on one end and drilled to accept a 1/4" pin and a 5/16" bolt.


This is one of four posts that are intragal to the Equinox frame.