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Frame parts- under frame ends-full

Frame Parts - hinged post individual right


    PF24 is The hinged corner post for the right side, as looking foreward from within the trailer, It is constructed of 5/8" aluminumrod and machined to accept a 1/4" pin.  The pin is passed through from opposite sides depending upon whether it is a front or back post.  So, if ordering a replacement post please specify in an accompaning e-mail if it is a front or back piece.  On the right side the long part of the hinge is 2.75" long.  The short side is 1.75" long.

Technical specifications: 

      The post is 5/8" 2011 aluminum rod cut to 2.75" and 1.75"  and connected with a 1/4" zinc plated steel pin affixed with a crimp ring cotter.


this is one of four posts that are intragal to the Equinox frame.