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Disk Brake System- dual


The dual disk brake system are standard mechanical bicycle disc brakes, consisting of two front hubs with rotor mounts, two rotors and calipers, the cable and housing to a brake lever for each side.  This system is intended to be used with walking, trekking or expedition trailers to give better control on descends and to act as a parking brake.  The dual system provides a brake for each wheel which corrects the tendency of the trailer to veer in the direction of the braked wheel.

Technical Specifications:

Two Avid BB5  Ball Bearing Disc Brakes. Made by Sram Corporation, coupled with Shimano HB-M525 VIAM front disc hubs.  Includes the brake levers, cable and housing.  Also two machined aluminum brackets to attach the brake to the trailer frame


Requires Equinox mounting bracket which is included with this package.