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Interior Shelf Corrugated Plastic


PA 50 is a 20" x 24" shelf that is hung from the side rails to form a horizontal  division in the space between the side rails.  The PA50  is made from 1/2" corrugated plastic board.  It is hung from two 2" webbing straps that are attached to the roll bar hangers with grommets.  1" x 5" hook material is sewn to the straps to meet with 1" loop material glued to the hardboard to keep the shelf from shifting.

Technical Specifications:

The 1/2" corrugated plastic is cut 20" x 24".  The Straps are 2" polypropylene webbing with a # 0 brass spur washer grommet attach to both ends.


Requires a 19" or taller rectangular side with two roll bars.