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Hitching System - Bicycle Long load


The ASB conversion kit allows one to convert a standard bicycle trailer to a carrier for long loads, such as kayaks, surfboards, canoes, or sheets of plywood, long lumber, ladders and so on.  It consists of the Long tongue and a rack to use in place of the side panels.

Technical Specifications:

The EQSSB3 long tongue is made of 1" diameter aluminum tubing in three 39" sections joined with 7/8" interior connectors also of aluminum tube, to give an over all length of 75".  An aluminum casting is provided for additional mounting strength.  

The rack is 8' high and 32" wide so that the load may overhang 20" wheels. It is made of 3/4" aluminum tubing 


Requires an Equinox trailer that is equipped with a PT23 tongue mount.