Floor Bag - Blue - ZipFast


This is the latest innovation in the Equinox floor system.  The bottom is made of the same blue 1000 denier nylon.  Only now an extra pair of #10 marine zippers have been added to allow the user to add and/or remove the fabric bottom easily.  It also allows each floor bag to be adjusted to fit an expanding frame.  With the zipfast floor system one can add the expanding feature to a previously purchased frame and continue to use their existing floor.  

The fabric bottom and uppers are connected to the frame by means of zipper strips that are fitted onto the inner frame members with 2" webbing straps and 3 bar sliders.  The bottom is still supported by webbing loops on the front and back.  Since the frame may be separated  by depressing the spring buttons, the fabric may be easily slipped on of off.  

Technical Specifications:

  • Default fabric is blue 1000 denier nylon 68" x 29"
  • Zippers are #10 marine zippers
  • Webbing is heavy weight  1 1/2"  and 2" polypropylene.
  • Thread is DB 92 polyester


  • Requires an Equinox trailer frame.  It may be applied as a retro fit.