Rack Set: 8" w/ expanding Crossbars


The expanding rack set will accomodate an expanding trailer frame. The regular rack set is seperated in the middle and two spring buttons are inserted in the 3/4" tube.  A 7/8" tube section with width adjusting holes added is telescoped over the smaller tube. A 20" section of foam pipe insulation is provided for padding.

Technical Specifications:

The rack is made of 3/4" and 7/8" 6063 aluminum tube.  The crossbar is 32" long in collapsed mode and 48" long in fully extended mode. An adjusting stop is provided to yield 40 inches as well.  The crossbar is joined 6 inches from either end by an 8 inch upright tube.  These uprights fit onto the corner posts of the Equinox frame.  These posts are drilled with a 1/8" hole to allow a cotter pin to afix the uprights to the posts.


The rack is designed to fit onto the Equinox trailer frame.