Rack Set: 8"



The 8" rack set is a component of the kayak / surfboard / windboard carrier.  It consists of two aluminum frames that fit to the default width trailer frame of 20.5".  They lift the load above 20" trailer wheels, 8" above the trailer frame.  This allows a 13' kayak or surfboard to be carried on the trailer frame fitted with the long tongue.  The 8" height not only allows the load to be carried partially over the wheels, but also lifts the cantilevered end to ride high enough over the road surface to prevent dragging when dips or road crowns are crossed.

Technical Specification:

The material is 3/4" diameter aluminum tube that is 32" long and joined at right angles with 3/4" tube that is 8" long with a 1/4" x 2" bolt.  1" dee rings are attached to each end of the 32" pieces.


This rack is fixed in its demensions.  It will fit onto the Equinox trailer frame in the 20.5" default width.