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side panel 13

Side Panel Set: 13" Rectangular; Yellow


The 13" side panel set consists of a left and right fabric panel fitted to a tubular aluminum frame and a connecting roll bar.  The nylon panel has a male zipper chaim sewn onto the lower edge to fasten to the coresponding female zipper chain sewn onto the zipper sleeve fitted to the main trailer frame.

Technical specifications:

The side frame is constructed of 3/4" 6063 aluminum tube formed tobe 13" high by 32" long.  It connects to the Equinox frame by sliding over the corner mounting posts.  The side frame slides through sleeves sewn into the  430 denier nylon packcloth side panel.  A 15" x 8" pocket is sewn into each panel.  The roll bar is 3/4" aluminum tube, 21.5" long, fitted with internal double helix nuts to which are are attached  two 1/4" x2" threaded pins.


These panels fit to a frame with zipper connection between side and bottom.  Older Equinox trailers are equipped with twist lock fasteners. The sides on these attach by means of four eyelets in  webbing tabs.