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side panel 19

Side Rail Set: 19" Sloped


PF14 - 19" sloped side rail.  An aluminum tube which is bent and drilled to be 32" long and 19" high.  It is designed to work with a child seat, so as to allow  the passenger to see to the side. A PF 16 roll bar assembly is included to join the two sides at the top

Technical Specification:

The side rail is constructed of 3/4" 6063 aluminum tube with a .058" wall thickness 59 7/8" long. It is bent with one 90 degree angle and two 45 degree angles to give an over all length of 32" and a height of 19".  5/16" holes are drilled to accommodate the roll bar in three positions.  I/8" holes are drilled to receive snap studs.  The roll bar is a 21 1/4" long aluminum tube fitted with two internal nuts and two threaded pins with a nylon insert in each end.


Fits onto an Equinox frame with corner posts set 32" apart.