2-Wheel Dropout Kit w/ 3-Wheel Stroller Kit


This is a kit consisting of a formed aluminum boom that has machined connectors in both ends.  The forward end is drilled to accept a 7/16" bolt that is the axle of a 16" nylon wheel with a flanged hub.  The trailing end fits into the Equinox tongue mount mounted on the trailer frame.  It is secured with a 6mm x 50mm quick release skewer run through the clamp on the tongue mount.

       A formed 7/8" d aluminum tube makes a push handle for the trailer.  This handle is fitted into two 1" x 8" aluminum tube sections that are bolted to the rear of the side rails of the trailer.  It is secured by button snaps that allow the user to adjust the height up and down in three positions.

  Additionally two 1" webbing straps are used to secure the handle and also act as a leash to prevent run away and to act as a parking brake.  The handle is also fitted with a foam sleeve covered with a piece of cordura with hook and loop fastener sewn along the long sides


Technical Specifications: 

  • The boom is 1"d x 8.5" long.  7/8"d x 2 1/2" aluminum rod sections are bolted in to the ends with 1/4" x 1 1/4" truss bolts.  The forward rod section is drilled with a 7/16" hole.
  • the Wheel is 16" nylon equipped with a 7/16" flange hub.
  • The tire is 16" x 1.75" pneumatic.
  • the handle is 7/8" d aluminum tubing



  • The kit requires a trailer frame equipped with an Equinox tongue mount.
  • The handle is affixed to a pair of 19" side rails set at default width of 20.5" at the bottom and 21 5/8" at the top