2-Wheel to 3-Wheel Stroller Conversion Kit




 Equinox was the first company to offer a conversion from a bicycle trailer to a jogging trailer. The runner we worked with and our reason informed us that the most efficient running trailer would be similar to the time tested rickshaw style used for centuries in India and China. From a marketing standpoint we were culturally incorrect. The American market preferred a jogging stroller pushed ahead of the runner.

However, we stubbornly continued to make a jogger that the runner pulls behind.  Many runners have found this to be a good training tool. It also is a more efficient means to carry a wheeled load by foot.

This running trailer converts from a bicycle trailer by releasing the quick release lever to remove the trailer tongue, and inserting the handle into the trailer tongue mounts, them retightening the quick release levers.

An additional trailer tongue mount is attached to the right front of the trailer to accept the U shaped handle.

The handle is composed of seven tube sections to give a wide range of adjustability for the user and to allow the handle to be disassembled for storage and transport.


Technical specifications:

  • An additional Trailer Hitch mount for the right side of the trailer frame

  • Two Lower elements made of 1"d  x 19" long 6063 aluminum tube reenforced with resin and fitted with a spring  button and attaching rod

  • Two height adjusting sleeves made of 1.125"d x 11" long 6063 aluminum tube drilled to accept spring buttons 

  • Two upper elements made of 1"d x 18" long 6063 aluminum tube fitted with a spring button on the lower end and drilled to accept a spring button on the upper end

  • One formed 7/8"d 6063 aluminum handle fitted with spring buttons




  • requires a trailer frame equipped with a left tongue mount