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Hitching System - Skiing


The ASL Skiing Accessory is a system of telescoping rigid poles, waist belt, mounting blocks and swivel joints that allow the user to attach  their own  skis or toboggan or sled to the Equinox trailer frame.  These may be added as a conversion kit to abicycle trailer, or they may be used as the primary connection.

Technical Specifications:

The connecting poles are 3/4" x 43" and 7/8" x 40' 6063 aluminum tube which telescope together.  They attach to a 3/4" swivel joint with a 5/16" x 1" clevis pin.  That swivel joint is threaded into a machined aluminum block which is threaded with two 1/4" x 20 holes to accept two 1/4" bolts to secure the mounting blocks to the sled, toboggan, ski or runner which is user provided.


The mounting blocks are machined to accept a 3/4" stanchion which connects to the corner posts of the Equinox trailer frame.