Hitching System - Bicycle Extended Tongue


The PT26 extended tongue is the same as the PT19 only longer.  It is the same single resin filled tube and attached to the Equinox frame in the same manner as the PT19 default tongue.  The PT 26 is 32" long.  The Assembly includes a PT29 tongue mount system, and a PH 23 hitch mount.

Technical Specifications:

The extended tongue is constructed of 6063 blue anodized aluminum.  The core is filled with a polyurethane resin and a 7/8" x 18" aluminum tube section for added stiffness.  The hitch end is fitted with a cast aluminum clevis and safety strap, 3/8" hitch pin and lanyard, The but end has a 5/16" button snap inserted 


The tongue is designed to mate with the Equinox PT29 tongue mount system.