Hitching System - Bicycle Long Tongue


The Bicycle long tongue hitching system consists of the EQSSB3 long tongue, the PH23 bolt on hitch, and the PT 29 tongue mount system.  The long tongue is appropriate for carrying long loads of up to 13 feet with the Equinox trailer, such as kayaks, surfboards, or windboards.  It is an assembly of aluminum tubes, cast aluminum parts and machined aluminum parts assembled with bolts and pins for quick ans easy assembly and disassembly.

Technical Specifications:

The aluminum tube is 1" in diameter.  Three 39" sections are assembled with 7/8" tube as connectors to give a tongue length of 75".  The bicycle hitch end is fitted with a cast aluminum clevis attache dwith a 1/4" x 1 3/4" bolt also securing a lanyard with a 3/8" cotterless hitch pin attached.  The trailer end is fitted with machined aluminum rod which attach4es to a cast aluminum center mount with a 3/8" steel pin and to the machined aluminum mount with a clamp actuated by a 6mm x 50mm  quick release skewer.


The long tongue hitching system is designed to fit onto the Equinox trailer frame and connect to the Equinox PH 23 hitch.