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Hitching System - Jogging / Walking


The Handle  and mounts attach to the rear of a trailer with at least a 19" superstructure.  A 16" wheel with a boom attach to the PT23 frame mount.  This system allows the trailer to be pushed from behind.  It is ideal for converting the bicycle carrier to a stroller or for maneuvering the recycling trailer from the back.

Technical Specifications:

The 16" wheel is made of "Zytel" fiberglass reinforced nylon.  It has a flange hub that accepts the 7/16" x 4 1/2" bolt that connects it to a tubular aluminum boom.  A 7/8" aluminum rod section is bolted to the other end to connect to the PT23 frame mount.  The handle is constructed of 7/8" formed tubular 6063 aluminum.


The 6" aluminum tube sections that bolt onto the trailer superstructure require a 19" or higher superstructure.