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Hitching System - Trekking


The trekking hitching system consists of two cast aluminum mounts and hardware to mount to the trailer frame, a telescoping handle system that attaches to the mounts with a pair of clevis pins, a joining member with mounts for a waist belt or harness.  The handle is long enough to give plenty of leg room for walking ahead of or behind the trailer.  The handle will swing over the trailer to allow the traveler to walk ahead of or behind the trailer. 

Technical Specifications:

The mounts are cast aluminum.  The handle is constructed of four pieces of 1" d 6063 aluminum tube anodized satin blue.  The two height adjusting sleeves are 1 1/8" d 6061 aluminum tube. The joining assembly is 1"d and 1 1/8" d aluminum tube.  The waist connectors are 7/8" aluminum tube with 1" tube adjusting sleeves.  The height adjusters are secured by 5/16" spring buttons.  The joining assembly and waist connectors are fixed by internal helix nuts and 1/4" x 2 1/2 bolts.


The system mounts to the Equinox trailer frame.  For proper balance this hitching system should be paired with a third wheel transportation system.