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Ski Sled Kit-full Ski sled toboggan fabric-full Ski sled mounting blocks-full Ski sled rigid pole-full Ski sled waisr belt-full Ski sled stanchion-full skier with sled-full



The Ski runners and attachments are fabricated from a thin birch plywood that is laminated over a form.  An aluminum rib is fastened to the underside to provide an edge.  Machined aluminum mounting blocks are bolted onto the top surface.  Stanchions made of 6" sections of 3/4" aluminum tube are secured to the mounting blocks and to the underside of the Equinox frame.

Technical Specifications:

The runners are wooden 40" long x 3" wide.  The ribs are 1/2" x 1/4" aluminum bar.  The mounting blocks are machined 3/4" x 2 1/2" aluminum bar.


The mounting blocks are set on 32" centers to accommodate the Equinox  frame.  This product does not include the  rigid poles and waist belt.