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Solid Floor - Lightweight Removable Hardboard



The solid or false floor is a hardboard, plastic or matrix material that sets on top of the frame.  This can be used as a stand alone flat bed trailer or used  as a false floor in conjunction with a fabric floor bag hung beneath it. On the classic frame with a cross frame member, the solid floor is hinged to allow access under it from either the front or back of the trailer.  This is useful in pet carriers to separate the pet from cargo.

Technical Specifications:

The hard board is 3/16" thick pressed wood fiber with a 2" wide webbing piece glued onto the face to act as the hinge.  It has 3/4" closed cell foam strips glued to the under side to dampen rattling.  The piece is 22" wide and 36" long. 


Fits on the default classic frame of 20.5" width.  Other floors (EQSFLTBD3 ) are available for expanding width trailers.