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Transportation- Third Wheel Expedition handle in rear-full Expedition handle in front-full Pet carrierWithSunScreen-Full ExpeditionTrailerWithCoolerStrapsFrontView-Full ExpeditionTrailerWheelBoomOnly-Full animal shaftsTrekkingOnly-Full animal ShaftsTrekkingConnection-Full ExpeditionTrailerRainCoverOpenSolidFloornomex-Full Animal shaftsFrontViewWithTrekking-Full ExpeditionTrailerCoolerHandleSideView-Full ExpeditionTrailerCoolerHandleFontView-Full

Expedition Trailers

 Equinox has long been the go to manufacturer for specialized equipment for long range human powered journeys. Most, if not all, of the innovations Equinox has introduced have been a result of working with our customers to fulfill a special need. We offer here a distillation of some of what we've done.