Frameset - EasyStow - Blue Anodized


The EasyStow Design is externally Sleeved for quick and easy disassembly. This feature greatly reduces the storage space required which makes for an excellent traveling option.


This Frame Set is currently the core workhorse for all of our product. This comes with an external sleeved system that affords the ability for the frame to have three different operating widths: a standard and two expansion widths. The standard width offers a 20.5 inch bay width with a 32 inch wide outside to outside footprint. The expanding feature offers an adjustment to a 23 inch and 25.5 inch bay width with a 37 inch outside to outside footprint. The default length of the frame comes in at 36" long.  Aditional width expansion is available with add on features.

The second major benefit comes with the ability for the frame to disassemble quickly and easily without tools. This is extremely useful when you want to transport your trailer on public transportation or store it from the elements. Another key feature is the use of high quality materials, including aircraft aluminum anodized blue tubing. All of our frames are weld-less and only require simple tools to assemble and reassemble.

In addition, our frames support the wheel on both sides of the axel. This provides quite a few benefits. First and foremost this allows the trailer to carry greater loads because the weight gets distributed across both sides of the wheels axel in a uniform downward pressure. This allows us to use lighter weight materials without sacrificing strength. Situating the wheel between the inner and outer frame offers a considerable amount of protection to the wheels while the curve of the frame helps the helps the trailer slide off of inevitable points of contact.

As with all of our products, our philosophy is based on simplicity, durability, and cross functionality. We believe that it is important for you to be able to work on this anywhere in the world with simple tools and to be a long lasting tool for innumerable years. We currently have trailers that have been on the road for over 30 years. We also believe that allowing our design to cross-platform to our other products is essential. Most people go through phases in their life of what they then need a trailer to do, our frame sets provide the framework for this.

Technical Specs

The Frame is constructed of 1" diameter 6063 T6 Aluminum tube with a .058" wall thickness.  The corner posts are 5/8" 2011 Aluminum.  The Securing bolts are 5/16" grade #5 zinc plated steel hex head.  Stainless steel may be specified in a hardware upgrade package.  The expansion sleeves are 1 1/8" diameter 6061 T6 Aluminum tube.

 Inside dimensions 20.5" x 35" in default width,  25.5" x 35" in expanded width.  The out side dimensions are correspondingly 32" x 36" and 37" x 36" .  Default width stops are in 2.5" increments.  That is 23" as an intermediate width between 20.5" and 25"


The frame shown here has a two wheel drop out kit attached.  This is a separate part.  The frame will require some sort of transportation  option.