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Adult Trailer long frame

Seat: Adult Seat; Yellow


The adult seat is a larger version of the PM13 Child seat to fit in a superstructure with 32" sides.  It includes two fabric loops to aid in entering and exiting the seat

Technical Specifications:

The seat is constructed of 430 denier pack cloth and heavy weight polypropylene webbing.  The back is 32" high and fits onto the 3/4" roll bar adjoining the sides at the top of the superstructure by means of a sewn sleeve.  The seat is 11" deep and affixes to the frame by means of two bolts passed through grommets on sewn straps.  The back of the seat attaches to a cross frame aluminum tube with 1" tab buckles and straps.


Requires a 32" superstructure with an adjoining roll bar and a divided bay frame with a cross frame member.