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Child Seat

Seat: Child Seat; Yellow


  • The Equinox child seat is a hammock style fabric that hangs from the trailer roll bar, inserted between the 19" sloped side panels.   It is secured on the cross frame member of a divided bay trailer frame by 1" tab buckles, then it is fastened with 1 1/2" x 1/4" bolts to the inner frame members of the trailer frame.  
  • The seat is 19" wide and equipped with three crotch straps and two harnesses.  This will accommodate two passengers under 40 pounds each side by side or a single passenger in the center.
  • There is a center strap that runs under the seat and snaps to the front of the trailer to separate the single seat into two 
  • The seat may be removed from the trailer and laundered in a home washing machine.
  • The seat may be semi reclined to offer a sleeping position to the passenger.
  • The threaded pin and clip system in the roll bar allows the seat to be collapsed instantly.


Technical Specifications

  • The seat is made of 420 dennier urethane coated nylon packcloth.  
  • The straps are heavy weight polypropylene  in 1" and 1 1/2" widths.
  • Grommets that the bolts pass through are a heavy duty brass