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Sun Screen for 19" Sloped Sides


Front / sun screen is a fine mesh fabric sewn onto a frame of 1 1/2" polypropylene webbing with elastic loops sewn into each corner.  The elastic loops fit over the snap studs affixed to the sloped side rail.  The screen will fill the space between the front flap of the bottom bag and the folded top of a rain cover.  This will protect the passenger from flying insects and road debris and provide some sun shading.

Technical Specifications:

The screen is a light grey Polyester fine mesh fabric.  The border is 1 1/2" yellow or black polypropylene regular weight webbing.  Corner elastics are 1/8" cord.  The screen is a trapezoid 22" on the bottom 26" along the sides and 24'' across the top.


The screen fits onto the snap studs affixed to an Equinox sloped side superstructure.