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Tongue Part - Hitch Pin and Lanyard


The 3/8" x 1 1/2" cotterless hitchpin joins the tongue clevis to the bicycle hitch.  It is secured to the end of the tongue with a webbing lanyard which is fitted with a grommet to allow the connecting bolt to pass through it.

Techinical Specifications:

The pin is 3/8" in diameter with an effective length of 1 1/2".  a small ball in embedded in the pin to prevent it from accidentally comming out of the connecting hole.  It is made of steel and plated with zinc.  The webbing is 5/8" wide x 8" long.  It is fitted with a #0 brass spur grommet and washer on one end and a sewn loop to fit to a split ring that also passes through a hole in the head of the hitch pin.


The pin mates with the 3/8" hole in the tongue clevis and the 3/8" hole in the rod end joint affixed to the hitch.