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Snap Stud - Pull-the-dot


     The VVB87 pull-the-dot snap stud is attached with a 3/8" screw and designed to open in one direction only.  It is paired with the VVB85 and VVB86 pull-the-dot button and snap socket.  This will give a more secure for children, amimals or wind pressure for an enclosed shell for the trailer flaps and covers.

Technical Specifications:

     The snap stud is 1/2" in diameter and attached with a 3/8" screw.  It is made of zinc plated brass.


     The VVB87 snap stud is a system of three parts. The VVB85 pull-the-dot button and VVB86 pull-the-dot snap socket work with the snap stud to allow the snap to only open from one side.  The button and socket require a setting tool.  They may be set with a hand punch machined to set the button.